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Non Fungible Mushrooms

Wooden Serving Spoon

Wooden Serving Spoon

100% Money Back Guarantee
    This high-end spoon is made of solid, smooth, lightweight organic wood instead of the inferior materials commonly used on the market today. Unlike silicone utensils, which melt when heated, our spoon won't ever split or break. 
    Our wooden spoon – non-coated, not varnished, and not glued! A durable, family-friendly wooden spoon that is perfect for your shrooms.
    Our spoon fits nicely in our bags, and is the perfect way to dose your daily your mushrooms.
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"Omg, I love my little wooden spoon!" - RONALD T.

"I love that it’s made from all natural bamboo." - JOSE F.

"This spoon comes in handy, I keep mine in the NFM bag." - PAMELA D.

Good To Know

What is it made of?

This high-end spoon is crafted from premium solid organic wood, this upscale spoon stands out from commonly used inferior materials in today's market. In contrast to silicone utensils prone to melting when heated, our spoon is resilient, ensuring it won't split or break.

Is one scoop considered a serving?

No not at all. The serving size is on the back of the bag. However, starting with one heaping scoop is a great place to start. Add only one scoop at a time, wait to see how you feel, and then decide on your favorite dose.

Are they dishwasher safe?

No please do not put them in the dishwasher. Hand wash and dry, and make sure they are completely dry before putting them back into the powders.


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