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Non Fungible Mushrooms

Indigenous Shilajit

30ml / 60 Servings

Indigenous Shilajit

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our Shilajit is hand-made and expertly purified, offering a full spectrum of minerals, triterpenes, antioxidants, and other bio-available nutrients. 

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Many popular brands have low-quality products filled with toxins. This means you are actually doing more damage than help to your body.

At Non-Fungible, we provide all test results with detailed information about where your products come from.

This product has NO detectable cadmium, lead, or mercury and only 0.1-0.2 mcg of naturally occurring arsenic, which is 100x lower than prop. 65 standard for infant rice formula.


Made in America

According to the American Herbal Products Association, less than 5% of shilajit on the American market is sourced from the United States. The vast majority of shilajit is imported from India, Nepal, and Tibet.

We are proud to be in the 5%

This Mineral Pitch, or Resin, emerges from the crags of towering mountain ranges, often propelled from the depths of ancient seabeds through forces of compression and subduction.

Shilajit's presence is marked across various corners of the globe, its recent discovery in the Americas being a testament to its widespread abundance.

Yet, the Himalayas stand as a predominant conduit, channeling the majority of the Shilajit gracing the global markets from its lofty corridors.

But not anymore….

“I have more energy and stamina than ever in my life, and I am 47 years young!” - SUSAN M.

“Not the best tasting supplement, but the way it makes you feel MORE than makes up for it.” - ROBERT C.

“Hands down the most bio-available Shilajit on the market. I mean you can literally feel this stuff igniting your cells.” - JOHN F.


Low Temperature Refinement

We melded age-old Alchemical wisdom with modern-day laboratory finesse to engineer distinctive low-temperature refinement protocols, embracing the elemental essence.

Following a demanding two-year journey, we honed our wildcrafting techniques and purification methodologies to a fine art.

The culmination of this labor created a uniquely potent formulation, a quintessentially wild-harvested American Shilajit, standing unmatched in its purity

Put simply, we use a state of the art extraction method that nobody else has access to. It makes our Shilajit more potent, and easier to consume.

Shilajit is medicine for the human body

Shilajit is a unique kind of mineral that has been seen as a strong medicine for many, many years, especially in Ayurvedic practices where it's believed to be a remedy for a lot of health problems (a cure-all).

In Ayurveda, this dark plant tar is known as a top-notch "Rasayana," which means it's like a refreshing drink for your body. Nowadays, both plant experts and science folks acknowledge it as one of the 8 true helpers (adaptogens) we have.

Known for boosting brain power, Shilajit is also referred to as an Ayurvedic "Medyha Rasayana," or a "mind sharpener."

It's a rare find, like uranium, nestled high up in really old mountains. This black sticky stuff oozes out from rocky cliffs during certain times of the year. With a treasure trove of tiny minerals and active health-boosting bits, we like to call it Mother Earth's very own multivitamin.

Purity verified

The lab results

Shilajit metals test

Shilajit fulvic and humic test

Shilajit Micro Quality Labs test


100% Organic
& Pure Ingredients

American Shilajit Minerals

Shilajit is more than just a physical aid. It helps ease your mind, sharpens your thinking, and keeps your heart happy. Whether you're facing a tough day or climbing a mountain, let our Shilajit be your daily dose of strength.

Keeps the heart strong

Helps with blood flow, and lowers bad fats in the blood

Calms the nerves and eases stress

Nutritious with a cool mix of amino acids


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