From gloom to shroom...

My life took an unexpected turn for the worst, I believe functional mushrooms played a vital role in helping me keep it all together.

A couple years ago, I found myself in a dark place again going through what almost led to a second bankruptcy.

From the outside looking in, I was the picture of success — a fitness influencer with millions of followers who’s written a best-selling book and founded multiple successful health brands, supplement company, Detox Organics. But as anyone who’s struggled with depression or anxiety knows, it can hit at any time, and feel like a fog that you just can’t find your way out of.

That's when I stumbled upon the fascinating world of functional mushrooms. Intrigued by their potential to improve my well-being, I dove deep into research and began experimenting myself.

What I discovered was life-changing: After incorporating mushrooms like lion's mane, turkey tail and cordyceps into my daily routine, I saw a remarkable transformation in my mental and physical health. My energy levels surged, my anxiety dissipated, and I slept better than ever. I felt like a new person.

I began to wonder what would happen if I mixed certain mushrooms together, or even added a few herbs and other plants. Could I concoct blends that were actually better than just using the mushrooms by themselves? I started playing around with combining the different types of mushrooms and exploring ways to supercharge their effects.

Ultimately, I spent 24 months perfecting a range of adaptogenic mushroom blends that could help others elevate their daily lives too — and so, Non-Fungible Mushrooms was born. Each of our unique blends is crafted to target specific needs, from boosting athletic performance to enhancing focus and immune support.

Our mushrooms are sourced from the highest quality organic growers, ensuring you receive the purest, most potent supplements possible.

Did I create the holy grail of supplements?! Well, you’ll have to decide for yourself… But I’ll tell you that ever since their inception, long before these blends were branded as Non-Fungible Mushrooms, I was taking them as an important part of my daily routine — and two years later, I still never miss a day.

I invite you to experience the transformative power of Non-Fungible Mushrooms for yourself. Whether you try one blend or all, I'm confident they'll greatly enhance your quality of life!


As we embark on this journey together, I'm excited to share tips and insights on how to make the most of your Non-Fungible Mushrooms experience.

To get started, I've put together a short video answering one of the most common questions I receive: "How should I incorporate these blends into my daily routine?"

I can proudly say that I was the very first customer of Non-Fungible Mushrooms, and I haven't gone a day without them since.

I believe in this product, use it daily, and back it fully. In fact, we offer a 90-day risk-free guarantee that gives you plenty of time to experience the impact of Non-Fungible Mushrooms or get 100% of your money back.

You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain.

- Michael Morelli 🍄

“Last night I tried half a teaspoon of CALM and I felt like a weight lifted off me! I didn’t feel that tension or anxiety I’ve been feeling the last few months.”

Edgar Martinez

“My life has improved drastically since using this mushroom supplement as my mind is more clear and active allowing me to enjoy life once again, helping me get out a depressed state.”

Chris Gunnel

“I felt my neck was tense and that my anxiety was high. I’ve tried a lot of other supplements for anxiety but no results. CALM changed my life for better!”

Patricia Austin

“I slept way better than I have the last few weeks! I will definitely keep taking SLEEP!”

Michelle Elbert