How Can We Help?

Are there any psychedelics effects?

No, but you certainly feel our mushrooms. We encourage you to play around with the dosages, gradually increase until you hit your desired state of elevation.

Why mushrooms?

Mushrooms for health might seem like a funny concept – but it’s nothing new. Properly extracted functional mushrooms are used to support immunity, energy, vitality, cognitive function, and so much more.

How do they taste?

In hot water they taste like tea, you can add lemon or a little organic stevia, even some honey for additional flavor, or drop 2g in your favorite smoothie to supercharge it.

Can I mix the different blends together?

Yes, and we highly suggest you experiment with them all. We love adding MIND to both LIFE and LIFT.

What is the whole fruiting body?

The fruiting body is the part of the mushroom that you see, the actual “mushroom”. Believe or not, many companies sell “mycelium on grain” or the “roots” of the mushroom that typically grows underground. The problem is that these “mycelium on grain” supplements contain only trace amounts of the beneficial compounds you’re looking for in a mushroom supplement. If you are looking for the real benefits of mushrooms, make sure the supplement is made from “whole fruiting body” like ours.

When’s the best time to take them?

It’s really personal preference. We encourage you to try out the different blends at different times. Based on our own experiences here’s the schedule we love the most.

LIFE- First thing in the am, in place of coffee or in your coffee.

LIFT- Second, after LIFE. If you train 30min before is great. Replace your favorite energy drink or double shot I the early afternoon. 

MIND- This is the most versatile blend and can be mixed with any of them. Try it first with LIFE or LIFT. Or have it by itself. It’s a beautiful feeling!

CALM- Take this one after work or in the evening to destress. If you have bad anxiety or tend to get anxious use it in small doses throughout the day for relief.

SLEEP- This is the one to take an hour before bed for great restorative sleep.

What should I mix them with?

We suggest mixing with hot water and drinking as a tea or adding 2g to your favorite smoothie. You can also shoot it as an elixir if you want to get a quick surge of elevation!

Can you take them if you’re nursing or pregnant?

We always suggest checking with your doctor before taking any supplements, not just ours. Our mushroom formulas are made with the highest quality organic mushrooms bar-none.

Do any of your formulas contain stimulants or caffeine?

Only one, and it’s very mild. LIFT contains Yerba Matte, an all natural herbal tea. It’s a beautiful energy that lasts with no crash.

What’s your return policy?

We stand by our mushroom-back guarantee! If you're unhappy with your mushrooms for any reason, be sure to reach out to us at and we'll make it right. Unused and unopened product can be returned for a full refund less any shipping fees. If you would like to make a return, please reach out to us directly for more information.