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How Reishi Mushroom Tea Can Help Relieve Stress and Promote Relaxation

Feeling stressed and anxious? A warm cup of reishi mushroom tea may help provide natural stress relief and relaxation.

Reishi, also known by its botanical name Ganoderma lucidum, is an adaptogenic medicinal mushroom revered in Chinese medicine for calming the nerves. Modern research now backs up claims of this fungi’s relaxing properties.

Read on to learn how drinking reishi tea can ease anxiety, balance stress hormone levels, reduce nerves and promote an overall sense of calm according to promising research.

Introducing the Reishi Mushroom:

How Reishi Mushroom Tea Can Help Relieve Stress and Promote Relaxation

Reishi mushrooms have an unmistakable shiny red varnish coating their cap and stem. These perennial mushrooms grow mainly on hardwood trees in hot and humid regions. Also dubbed the “mushroom of immortality” in ancient Eastern medicine - reishi boasts one of the longest medicinal histories of any fungus, prized for promoting longevity and relaxation.

Today, scientists attribute reishi’s stress-busting abilities largely to bioactive triterpenoids like ganoderic acid along with other anti-inflammatory ingredients. By adapting hormone levels and modulating nerves - reishi tea works its magic in relaxing ways backed by science.

Balancing Stress Hormones with Reishi:

A major way reishi tea helps beat back anxiety is through regulation of our main stress hormones - cortisol and adrenaline. Left chronically high, these hormones create feelings of stress and panic along with inflammation driving anxiety disorders.

Exciting research reveals how reishi counters this:

  • Women taking reishi mushroom powder daily for 4 weeks displayed significantly lower salivary cortisol levels indicating reduced stress system activation.
  • Among stressed subjects, reishi extract lowered urine adrenaline levels while raising dopamine - optimizing catecholamine balance linked to lower stress and anxiety symptoms.
  • In test tube studies, specific ganoderic acids from reishi inhibited COMT and MAO enzymes which stimulate adrenaline - revealing defined anti-anxiety mechanisms.

By normalizing stimulating catecholamines and stress hormones through multiple pathways, these studies show clear potential for reishi to reduce racing thoughts, nerves and anxious feelings from cellular stress chemistry. Sipped regularly in tea, reishi’s calming nature starts from within.

Activating Relaxation Pathways:

Activating Relaxation Pathways

In addition to balancing our core stress system itself - exciting research shows reishi may also flip “on” self-soothing relaxation response pathways in the body and brain that anxiety normally blunts through:

  • Rats fed high-anxiety diets including reishi extract displayed increased activation of GABA pathways - a calming neurotransmitter that also blocks adrenaline.
  • Human neuroimaging found 8 weeks of reishi supplementation increased activity across multiple brain regions linked to emotion regulation and relaxation compared to controls.

So by turning up natural chill-out chemistry in areas like GABA and emotional processing centers, reishi helps nurture our in-built biological relaxation capacity helping override anxious distress signals.

Easing Anxious Feelings:

With hormonal regulation and soothing neurological shifts confirmed in early trials - multiple studies also validate reishi’s stress-busting abilities translate to noticeable subjective mental and physical anxiety relief:

  • In stressed adults, 4 weeks of reishi extract lowered anxiety scores significantly better than the placebo - as measured by standardized questionnaires.
  • Medical students taking reishi extract for 4 weeks saw significant reductions in heart rate variability and reported physical symptoms associated with their academic anxiousness and distress.
  • Reishi triterpenes also reduced anxiety behaviors in mice by over 18% - comparable to prescription anti-anxiety medication effects but without sedation side effects.

Through cumulative measurement tools and models - the message remains clear: reishi mushroom tea could offer a potent sensory path to calming the mind and body naturally.

Brewing Reishi Mushroom Tea for Stress Relief:

Want to steep yourself into relaxation with reishi? Here are some tips:

  • Seek out dried mushroom powder from reputable suppliers like Non Fungible Mushrooms to start your teas.
  • Simmer reishi pieces or steep powder in near-boiling water for at least 15 minutes covered to extract soothing compounds.
  • Try combining reishi with nervine herbs like chamomile, passionflower or lemon balm in teas for compounded relaxing benefits.
  • Sip your reishi mushroom tea daily, especially during stressful times to ease tension. Sweeten gently with honey if desired.

Used traditionally for millennia and now backed by modern science - reishi mushroom tea is an accessible, effective way to take a healthy break from everyday anxiety.

Mushrooms for Moment-to-Moment Mindfulness:

Beyond reishi, a handful of other calming medicinal mushrooms like chaga, cordyceps and lion’s mane also have early data supporting their stress-regulating abilities - making them excellent additions to the anxiety-busting mycological medicine cabinet.

As research on psychoactive fungi continues to grow, we expect more medicinal mushrooms to successfully integrate into naturopathic protocols for holistic stress relief and peace of mind through simple, pure supplementation.

So the next time you’re feeling stressed, brew up some mushroom supplements  from Non Fungible Mushrooms for a healthy dose of hug in a mug. Let the research-backed relaxation and blissful calm flow!